Protect Your Vehicle Interior with Proper Food Packaging

The holiday season is the best time of year to share favorite foods with family and friends. At Findlay Lincoln, we want you to have a great time at your next holiday party, and part of this means avoiding any food spills in your car. As you prepare to bring food to the next potluck, here are some tips to keep your car clean.
  • Use a container with a tight lid that won't spill if the food tips over.
  • Avoid using covers such as tinfoil, as leaks will occur.
  • Wrap the food in a towel to protect your car from leaks.
  • Have a passenger pay attention to the food if you are going a short distance.
When you are careful about how you pack the food you want to enjoy, you are less likely to make a big mess in your car. Avoid the need for a major cleanup with some careful planning.
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