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How to Drive Safely in Glaring Sun

The desert is beautiful, and the city lights are stunning. In Henderson, we are lucky to be right in the middle of both—an elegant night on the town in Las Vegas is as close as breathtaking natural vistas, teeming with wildlife.

Both are rich experiences when you're in a new Lincoln, but both landscapes can create a hazard when flooded with glaring sunlight.

The angled light of sunrise and sunset creates a gorgeous panorama, but it also blinds drivers. When that angled light peeks down a city block, or reflects off hot sand, it can be difficult to see oncoming vehicles.

While visibility may never be perfect, it is possible to improve your safety.

Wear polarized sunglasses, and pull down the sun visor to reduce glare. Cleaning the windshield inside and out can make an incredible difference, if it's been awhile since your last detailing. Tiny particles clinging to the glass that are normally invisible diffract light when it comes in at an angle, making the glass appear fogged.

Finally, whenever you find yourself struggling to see the road clearly, increase your following distance behind the next vehicle, and turn on your headlights—other drivers are struggling with the same visibility, and headlights will help them see you.

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