Preparation for Your Holiday Road Trip

The holiday season has once again found us, and today you are going to discover how you can plan ahead of time so that you are not getting trapped in traffic when you should be enjoying the time with your family and close friends.

  • The time to be getting on your holiday journey is two days before that holiday because less people are going to be on the roadways.
  • This trip isn’t a race, so try to locate a few spots along the way where you can stop so everyone in the car can take a much needed break.
  • Be sure that you pack a box with emergency essentials, including road flares, flashlights, a gallon of engine coolant, duct tape, and tools.
  • Pay extra attention this year for distracted drivers who should be paying attention to the roads.
  • Set aside some time to visit Findlay Lincoln and we will provide your vehicle a full road-trip inspection.
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