Common Contributors for an Engine Overheating

When an engine overheats, it can be because of a wide range of contributing factors. It is one of the most complex mechanical issues to diagnose. It takes a skilled technician to pinpoint the exact root cause. It’s important to diagnose correctly for your safety, while on the road in Henderson, NV.

However, as a driver, you should be aware of the common contributors for an engine overheating in order to have some point of reference to know what to expect, or to schedule any needed maintenance.

Most common contributors:
  • A defective radiator cap.
  • A radiator becomes inoperable.
  • Radiator hoses leak or weaken.
  • The engine thermostat becomes stuck or deficient.
  • The water pump leaks or no longer becomes effective.
There are many other contributors for causing an engine to overheat. If you have any questions, or need your car serviced due to overheating, call Findlay Lincoln's service department for an appointment!
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