Why Should You Care About OEM And Aftermarket Parts?

Cars, SUVs, and other motorized vehicles have loads of unique parts that allow them to function. Without the many different parts that are found in your vehicle, it undoubtedly wouldn’t function.

In the event you want to upgrade your vehicle, it needs a repair, or you’re just performing regular maintenance, you should read more about the two main types of parts.

Parts are either made by a manufacturer authorized by the original manufacturer – OEM, original equipment manufacturer – or an independent third-party agency. Some parts are only available as OEM, although the majority can be found from aftermarket sources.

Aftermarket parts can be customized far more easily, although they’re not always guaranteed to work. There are tons of different types to choose from.

Having trouble figuring out what type of part you should buy? That’s an easy one – visit us at Findlay Lincoln and have us install your OEM part.
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