New Vehicle Servicing Requirements are Gentler on the Planet and Your Wallet

Being environmentally conscious has been ingrained in our culture. Even those who once said that cars don't really cause pollution are engaging in "green" practices. With more fuel-efficient cars comes a tremendous benefit. It's been confirmed by study after study that oil changes and tune-ups don't need to happen at the rapid frequency most of us were used to. That's right, the 3,000-mile rule is out the window.

Even oil companies are on board. They've developed blends using synthetics and, even have model specific products. Although specific to the model of car, the average is around 5,000 miles before an oil change is necessary. This is applicable to most any vehicle that has been produced in the last 20 years.

With less frequent service, it's also important that you get it done shortly before, or, at the mileage requirement. If you'd like to set up a service appointment, don't hesitate to visit Findlay Lincoln in Henderson online, or, give us a call today.
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