Reasons Why the Tire Pressure Lights are Illuminated

By spotting potential issues with your car tires early enough, you can reduce the risk of the tires failing on the highway. Here are a few of the things you should be looking out for if the tire pressure indicators are illuminated.

Look for anything stuck in the tire that might cause it to fail. Never remove the item and plug the hole, it could compromise the strength of the tire. Bring the car to Findlay Lincoln and allow the experts to make that determination.

See if the tread from any of the tires is beginning to come free of the rest of the tire. That could be the result of a defective tire and should be taken care of as soon as you see the issue.

If the temperatures rise too high or low, it can affect the tire pressure.

Don't forget to schedule a tire rotation at Findlay Lincoln, and we will check the pressure indicators are fully operational.
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