Braking System Failures

When you step on the brake pedal, it should take a certain amount of pressure to engage the brakes and slow the vehicle. If the pedal presses down too easily, there is a problem somewhere in the system that poses a dangerous safety hazard. Sometimes air gets in the brake line, which decreases the normal amount of pressure. By making an appointment at Findlay Lincoln, one of our experienced technicians bleeds the line and restores the compression.

Other possible problems lie within any of the braking system components. A brake caliper, a wheel or master cylinder may have become damaged. A part may have simply worn out from continued use. Repairing the problem involves replacing the defective part. When you notice any problem with the brakes, prevent a potential hazard by having the vehicle inspected as soon as possible. Findlay Lincoln technicians are qualified to handle all of your vehicle maintenance needs.

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