Lincoln MKZ Combines Luxury and Utility

Pure luxury meets utility with the Lincoln MKZ, one of the most popular crossovers on our lot in Henderson, NV. The Lincoln MKZ is more than just a pretty vehicle with a sculpted exterior, it's a smart car the incorporates technology that knows when you are approaching it thanks to its key fob. This smart crossover will light up in key areas, making it easier for you to find and get inside your vehicle.

Inside, you'll find full luxury and comfort with features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a panoramic vista roof that easily opens to give you and your passengers a spectacular view of your surroundings as well as the ability to enjoy warmth and sunshine.

Those features are just a few of the many pluses that make the Lincoln MKZ and outstanding crossover. Stop by the Findlay Lincoln showroom today for a test drive to experience the Lincoln MKZ for yourself.

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